Our vision is to be the premier landlord for the delivery of all economicaspects of rural & township property development, by, helping localSMME’s to create aspirational and sustainable developments in thecommunities we operate in. And to entrench economically sustainablepartnerships with all stakeholders including tenants and residents.

The point of departure is to have a base of instant customers who mayinvest their advertising revenue into our online platform over a longerperiod. Thus, creating a healthy base of clients for our online property-based advertising agency.
Target clients: Construction Companies and relates services (Tiles, roofingsheet, window manufacturers, Blue-chip FMCG suppliers like Makro &Game.


  • Supermarkets-rural chain
  • Salon- rural chain
  • Home accessories supplier-National
  • Cement based products Manufacture- Rural based
  • Auto Electrical & Related services Technicians
  • Cleaning and Hygiene incubator (Previously disadvantaged Womenbased)
  • Insurance services-National